Success Stories

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IT Consulting FirmPrinting Company of 50 EmployeesSoftware Consulting Firm

IT Consulting Firm


IT Consulting FirmTheir Goal: Company-wide initiative to increase the number of weekly billable hours per technical engineer to >30 hrs/wk.

Their Hurdles: Engineers were not properly tracking client billable time so several hours per week were being charged to an internal billing code thus losing revenue. Also, Management had no way of anticipating hiring needs or understanding engineer utilization so non-data decisions were being made with regarding to staffing.




What did GCF Consulting do? Increased revenues by 20%

How did we do it?

  • Engineers were asked to chart the obstacles to their success
  • The obstacles were assessed and addressed where appropriate
  • Champions were identified and spread the doctrine to other engineers
  • Measurement tools were developed to measure weekly engineer utilization and project re-occurring revenue
  • Weekly utilization was analyzed to provide staffing recommendations
  • Quarterly deadlines were established to measure the success of the initiative
  • Employees were rewarded with quarterly bonuses paid based upon billable productivity

What were the results?

The company’s annual revenue increased by approximately $450,000. Low-performing employees were coached for success, client retention rates stabilized, and the overall client satisfaction rating increased.

Printing Company of 50 Employees

Their Goal: Increase print job accuracy and on-time delivery to 98%.

Their Hurdles:

  • Limited communication so employees were not engaged
  • Limited tests to validate the feasibility of the initiative
  • Insufficient resources, both in staffing & equipment
  • No reports to measure results, and no processes to accurately record the results
  • No tangible deadlines

This resulted in frustrated management and frustrated employees, low retention rates, lack of accountability and diminished productivity.

What did GCF Consulting do? Improved quality and timeliness of services

How did we do it?

  • Developed job competency and milestone metrics
  • Created behavioral commandments to baseline behavioral expectations
  • Quantifiably indentified employees whose performance was not promoting success
  • Restructured reporting hierarchy for clearer lines of communication
  • Implemented a barcoding system for measurable productivity
  • Created means to track and analyze progress towards goals

What were the results?

Better morale as a result of quantifiable expectations, which leads to better communication, productivity and accountability.

Software Consulting Firm


SoftwareFirm2Their Goal: To grow a specific department by 40% in 6 months to increase capacity and to support client demands, and to develop repeatable procedures for hiring, onboarding, and performance management.

Their Hurdles:

  • Incomplete and outdated job descriptions
  • Lack of standardized metrics to measure success
  • No profile of highly performing employees or approach on how to identify similar employees
  • No reports to measure results, and no processes to accurately record the results
  • No champions to support employee engagement
  • High turnover thus costing the company time and money


What did GCF Consulting do? Increased capacity and productivity

How did we do it?

  • Developed accurate job descriptions agreeable to both management and employees
  • Developed job competency and milestone metrics
  • Created champions to encourage and implement solutions at the employee-level
  • Determined behavioral profile for high performing employees and candidates
  • Developed comprehensive recruiting strategy including the implementation of online assessments
  • Developed onboarding strategy to quicken assimilation in the organization

What were the results?

  • Employees have greater clarity of performance expectations and metrics.
  • An efficient recruiting strategy with measurable results.
  • Developed onboarding strategy to quicken assimiliation of new employees into the organization.
  • Greater overall productivity.