The training that GCF Consulting provided to our Engineering Group regarding the importance of proper Project Management was invaluable.  What our group was lacking were defined skills and disciplines that you brought to the table to help organize them and get them focused on one thing, and that is the overall success of their projects.  GCF’s presentation was right on target and we really appreciated how you went the extra mile and customized the subject matter to our internal needs, giving our staff real life examples that they could relate to.

Since your training we have seen improvements, especially in communication and documentation related to the projects and the projects’ teams collaboration.  It will take time, like with any transition, to realize all the fruits from the efforts but it clear that your training program was without a doubt a benefit to the entire group.

Jon G. Moore
VP, Engineering Sales
ETTER Engineering Company, Inc.

GCF Consulting has an efficient personalized recruiting process. ERI would strongly recommend using them for your hiring needs. I was very happy with the process flow and how GCF provided detailed information on each step of our hiring campaign. They understood our business ideals and company culture so that they could identify a candidate that was an awesome fit for our organization. From beginning to end, GCF Consulting made the process smooth and easy for me.

Lee Simmons
Director or Client Services and Marketing
Event Resources

Gina Fedeli of GCF Consulting is an outstanding Operations professional with a strong background in IT Services. I've had the pleasure of working with Gina over the last two years as she worked with Prometheus to develop our Program Management Office, develop training materials, standardize our on-boarding/recruiting strategy, and refine procedures to our service model to improve productivity. Her approach is hands-on, no-nonsense, and effective, with a focus on teaching the missing skills to key staff. Gina has acted as a mentor to some and a partner to others within our organization always focusing on producing results that increase efficiency, teamwork and accountability.

Leon Rozenblit, JD, PhD
Prometheus Research, LLC

GSB Legal is a division of GSB Inc, providing litigation support in the New York City marketplace to both large corporate law firms as well as in-house counsel.  Services comprise mainly of copying, scanning, and processing data (Electronic Document Discovery).  On average 600-800 jobs are produced each month. The division was struggling in two areas:

  • Overtime and the use of outside temp workers was very high.
  • The goal of 98% on-time delivery and accuracy was not being met.

We engaged with Gina Fedeli of GCF Consulting and went through a period of evaluating, re-training and re-positioning staff members.  A "Command Central" area was created to control the flow of jobs and data.  And a very deliberate communication policy of immediately confirming receipt of a request was established.

Her greatest strength was in being able to determine the various qualities of the employees working in this department and in working with them individually to see and understand the overall goal of the company and how it could align with their individual goals.

The results comparing the first 9 months of 2011 versus 2010:

  • Outside Labor reduced from $86,600 to $5,688.
  • On Time Delivery and Accuracy exceeds 98% each month.
  • Profitability has more than doubled.

Stephan Steiner
GSB, Inc.

"GCF Consulting epitomizes diligence, professionalism, and effectiveness. Gina's intuition and synthesis skills are invaluable. GCF Consulting is able to take a complex and unwieldy organizational challenge and produce effective solutions that all stakeholders can rally around. GCF was able to come into our company and rapidly gain the trust and commitment of team members to move difficult projects forward. Gina is successful at overcoming organizational inertia and promoting practical options that resolve problems, through approaches and procedures that are sound and maintainable. Through GCF Consulting, critical core operational endeavors have been achieved on time and on budget. It’s a pleasure to work with a consultancy that is so intelligent and dedicated."

Lisa Santoro
Vice President of Operations
Prometheus Research, LLC

“GSB is consulting with GCF Consulting to help strengthen our culture and create sound foundational structure in one of our flagship business units. While we are still actively engaged with Gina and GCF Consulting we have seen great results in the immediate objectives that were laid out. Gina is detailed and on the point and most of all, she holds people accountable. In addition, GCF Consulting has helped us by refining our processes and standards to accommodate the increased work volume and future growth. We look forward to working with Gina and GCF Consulting in the future.”

Troy Steiner
Vice President
GSB, Inc.

"I had the unique pleasure of working with Gina Fedeli of GCF Consulting when she was consulting for our IT firm. I was impressed by her logic-based approach to helping our unorganized environment not only gain organization, but also develop efficient processes that are still in place today. She took the extra step to ensure that our employees were well trained so the progress could be sustained once her consulting work ended.  Due to the current economic times, the company needed to downsize.  However, by using the implemented processes, we were able to provide the same level of service with 20% fewer employees."

Larry A. Perlman
Operations Manager
IT Technology Services, Inc.

“Carigent retained GCF Consulting to help provide organizational structure and guidance on general company policies and procedures. They were able to come in and quickly assess our needs, provide feedback on human resource practices, and suggest creative solutions for growing the team and moving the company forward.  Each task from drafting an employee manual to personnel annual reviews were completed with superb attention to detail, a deep understanding of people and group dynamics, and quick response time. It was a pleasure working with GCF Consulting. Not only did Gina provide an important service to the company, but she instantly became a trusted colleague and friend to many.”

Margaret Cartiera
Vice President of Scientific and Business Operations
Carigent Therapeutics

“Gina Fedeli is one of the most talented operational leaders I have been able to work with. Her skills in leading a diverse set of resources, managing constant change, and delivering results both in operational efficiencies and substantial expense management are of significant value to me and to the organizations she partners with. A truly trusted advisor and one that can synthesize order out of confused organizations, Gina is a tremendous asset to any organization and I recommend her talents for any organization seeking to make impactful, long-lasting change.”

Douglas R. Grabowski, Jr.

“I’ve seen Gina Fedeli in action, and she’s the ‘missing link’ for organizations with ambitious goals who need to develop smart processes and get people ‘on board’ with the leadership vision. I wholeheartedly endorse her as a great addition to any ‘success team!’”

Catherine Carlisi
Carlisi Consulting Group, LLC