Workflow & Process Development

Improve productivity with straightforward and repeatable processes that deliver consistent quality. GCF’s Workflow and Process Development solution will identify roadblocks and eliminate overly complicated procedures. We’ll create process maps that clearly assign responsibility, and we’ll ensure that employees have the right tools and technology to do their jobs.


How We Do It


  • Review existing workflow documentation for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Conduct one-on-one interviews with key employees to identify existing process breakdowns.
  • Assess job responsibilities to determine ownership and interdependencies between positions and departments.
  • Devise workarounds to current roadblocks.




  • Step-by-step documentation and communication of new processes and workflows.
  • Training designed to embed new processes in ongoing operations.
  • Technology recommendations to support improved processes.




  • Repeatable procedures.
  • Clear accountability.
  • Improved interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Higher quality.
  • Lower costs.