Recruiting & Onboarding

Let GCF reduce the uncertainty of hiring decisions. Our Recruiting and Onboarding solution ensures that candidates have both the necessary hard skills to be successful, as well as develop the work styles that will thrive in your company’s culture. We’ll design an onboarding process that shortens employee learning curves so that new hires can quickly begin contributing to your bottom line.


How We Do It


  • Review resumes and conduct phone interviews using customized questions intended to filter applicants based upon your requirements.
  • Administer behavioral assessments to top candidates to identify their motivators, as well as work and communications styles.
  • Understand your firm’s culture by interviewing key stakeholders.
  • Identify the hard skills needed for each position.




  • Job descriptions that capture the hard and soft skills needed to get the job done.
  • Company profile and compensation summary, which better positions your firm to attract the best candidates.
  • Job posting strategy to attract high-potential applicants.
  • Identification of top three candidates for each position to be interviewed by company management.
  • Customized onboarding plan, with a step-by-step guide that includes pre-employment communications, first- week tasks, check-in points, and ongoing training requirements.




  • Hiring the best talent.
  • Shorter and more efficient recruitment process.
  • Best use of management time.
  • New employees contribute sooner.
  • Less employee turnover.
  • Higher morale.
  • Lower recruitment costs.