Performance Compensation

We’ll help you ensure that employees focus on your business objectives by teaching you how to tie individual compensation to your firm’s financial performance. Aligning daily activities with company strategy can increase productivity and lead to higher profits. GCF’s Performance Compensation solution tailors compensation plans to your unique needs so that employees are rewarded for contributing to your organization’s success.


How We Do It


  • Establish Metrics – Identify individual productivity metrics relating to your company’s business goals.
  • Tie Salaries to Company Performance – Base a portion of each employee’s compensation on performance against their productivity metrics.
  • Assess Employee Achievements – Rank employee performance and create action plans.




  • Scorecards for each employee with performance ratings, salary specifics and implications for the firm’s finances.
  • Spreadsheet with a rollup of scorecard data for all relevant employees.




  • Focus employees on tasks and behaviors most important to achieving company’s business goals.
  • Facilitate decision-making based on data, not emotion.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction by providing financial incentives for employees to become customer advocates.
  • Attract Top Talent by defining a reward system for star performers.
  • Retain “A” Players by establishing clear paths for outstanding achievers to grow within the organization.