Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients.

1. How does GCF stay on track in order to meet deadlines when new issues are uncovered?
“Scope creep” is the bane of all projects.  To prevent it, we first create a detailed outline, which we discuss with stakeholders in order to gain agreement on the project’s parameters and priorities.  Only when we have consensus do we commit to deadlines and budgets.   We also divide projects into short-term milestones so that we can remain both focused and responsive to changing needs.

As team members become immersed in a project, new perspectives and ideas are likely to emerge.  At that point, we re-engage with stakeholders to determine whether or not newly identified deliverables are important enough to revise the deadline and/or scope.  If not, they’re relegated to a “wish list” to be reviewed at an appropriate time.

2.  How do you get the team engaged?

We find that the best way to get the team engaged is to start off by accomplishing some quick and easy wins, by focusing on the “low hanging fruit.”  This allows the team to gain immediate traction.  Once they see progress, they tend to buy into the initiative and to lend it momentum.

3. How does GCF hold team members accountable?

Most people have good intentions when it comes to delivering on their commitments, but sometimes they need a little help staying focused.  We conduct regular meetings with the team, with agendas established ahead of time so that everyone is clear about what will be expected of them.  If we recognize that someone is having particular difficulty meeting milestones, we’ll assign an “accountability coach" to them –either GCF or another team member.  Accountability is basically about being consistent and persistent.

4. Do you need to be familiar with my industry in order to be able to analyze my operations?

No. While GCF's primary experience has been with manufacturing, IT, database management, construction, and marketing communications clients, we frequently work in industries that are completely new to us.  Our role is to harness the knowledge of your employees, the subject matter experts.  They’re the ones who understand the nuances and needs specific to your industry.  Our job is to ensure that there are no organizational obstacles to their effectiveness.  As we work with you, we learn about your industry so that we’re speaking the same language as your employees.  This is essential for our collaboration on difficult issues.

5. How will the senior team be kept informed of progress?

The goal is to keep stakeholders informed and engaged by providing consistent updates.  If desired, we will provide summaries that include the past week’s accomplishments, plans for the upcoming week, and issues requiring the senior team’s attention.

6.  How do you handle issues that require services that you don’t offer?

Our partner network includes professionals who have decades of experience in a wide variety of disciplines.  We will either recommend the services of one of our highly competent associates or help you identify another partner who can meet your needs. Our reputation depends on satisfied clients, so we’re committed to identifying the best providers to address your particular business challenges.

7.  Are there client testimonials that I can view?

Yes, you can see what our clients have to say about us here.