From Gina…

I’ve been in your shoes. As the owner of GCF, as well as leading two companies during the past 25 years, I know how difficult it is to keep your eye on long-term goals and daily operations at the same time. Experience has taught me that there are three key elements to achieving your potential: people, structure and strategy. You need to know where you want to go and you need structure to get there. That said, it’s people, working as teams, who are the essential ingredient. With that in mind, I always approach operations from the human perspective, creating environments that foster professional and personal fulfillment, as well as loyalty. This means understanding employees as individuals, matching them to jobs where they can excel, designing workflows that help instead of hinder, and motivating them to collaborate.  I do this by partnering with business owners and staff alike, understanding their hurdles and taking their feedback seriously. I recognize the time and budget constraints facing entrepreneurs and am committed to efficient assessments, practical procedures and training that sustains productivity improvements for the long-term. My clients span many industries—technology, manufacturing and professional services, to name a few.

Here are a few of the career experiences that have shaped my philosophy…

At Axiom Technology Group, where I’m a Partner and Chief Operating Officer, I’ve acted as cultural ambassador while structuring the firm for increased efficiency. Employee turnover dropped dramatically, as I built teams that stayed intact up to four times longer than the industry average. Recruiting costs declined by 50 percent.

As VP of Operations for services provider IT Technology, I cut costs by 35 percent through process improvements and staff adjustments.

As Managing Partner for New Generation Event Consulting, I paired new technology with process enhancements and improved performance measurements for clients in that niche market.

As a Director for Reed Exhibition Companies, I streamlined processes and developed training programs that lowered costs and employee turnover, while providing operational data for improved decision-making.

Let’s talk. Tell me what you’re targeting and I’ll help you build the team and operational practices to get there.